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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Season 4

C'mon TFA fans. You know you want it...

I wanted it badly enough to write up my own treatment! It's rubbishy but give it a read and see if you like it! It's based off of information from the second Allspark Almanac, as well as Derrick J. Wyatt's Formspring, but...

THIS IS NOT CANONICAL. In all likeliness, this heavily conflicts with the ideas of the creative team of Transformers Animated.

Anyways, without further ado:

Transformers Animated Episode List
1.       The Trial of Megatron, Part 1
Attack on the Energon Farms of Cybertron! Optimus Prime and his crew, now honored Autobots, attempt to enjoy life on Cybertron. Meanwhile, Sentinel appeals to the High Council to officially become Magnus, while Megatron initiates his plans to escape captivity.

        Moments in the present are interspersed with Megatron flashbacks to the Great War.

2.       The Trial of Megatron, Part 2
Megatron initiates part one of his plan to escape prison: a campaign of fear! News of the attack on the Energon Farms reaches Cybertron. Optimus and his crew move to stop the Decepticon attack. Sentinel, continuing his attempt to seize power, uses the attack, and the trial of Megatron to garner popular backing.  

        Moments in the present are interspersed with Megatron flashbacks to the Great War.

3.       The Trial of Megatron, Part 3
With Optimus’s crew occupied, Sentinel absorbed in campaigning, and the commonwealth in panic, Megatron intiates Project: Triplechanger MKII. After subduing the attack, Optimus Prime and his crew, awakened by the attack, regroup their team to better suit their needs. Meanwhile, a reformatted Megatron escapes, transporting the entirety of Trypticon prison to Earth in pursuit of Optimus. Sentinel takes credit for driving off the Decepticons, and manipulates the story of Megatron’s escape to win the popular vote of the commonwealth.

        Moments in the present are interspersed with Megatron flashbacks to the Great War.

4.       Sector 7
The Earth Autobots find their hands full, as they must deal with the bothersome government agency Sector 7, led by a Mr. Witwicky. The Autobots suffer at the hands of paperwork, while trying to comfort an abandoned Professor Sumdac. Meanwhile, the human villain Octopunch wreaks havoc on Detroit. Fanzone must stick up for the machines to get help in subduing the criminal. The episode ends with Trypticon smashing into Lake Eerie.

5.       Gremlins in the Gears
The Decepticons on Trypticon are awoken from their emergency stasis, as the Minicons break free from the facilities, and wreak havoc on Detroit. Ratchet and Fanzone are once again teamed up to catch the rampant Minicons, who are deconstructing everything in their path to assemble parts to reconstruct Trypticon. The rest of the Autobots must deal with the escaped Decepticon prisoners Firecracker and Blitzwing.

6.       Class is in Session!
Sari attempts to skip out on Arcee’s classes to learn more about energon, and live Cybertronian life, like a teenager. Sari sees both ends of Cybertronian society, getting into trouble with Rattletrap, and joining a posh party with Tracks, and eventually running into Decepticons in hiding, Skywarp and Thundercracker. Bulkhead tries to keep her out of trouble, while Arcee tries to cope with post-traumatic stress as a former Decepticon prisoner.

7.       Allspark-alypse Now!
With Megatron on Earth, Sentinel Magnus is determined to use the Allspark Matrix to defeat Megatron. Prowl, now one with the Allspark, must inhabit the bodies of Allspark created bots to warn Optimus Prime of the dangers of using the Allspark as a weapon. Optimus and Prowl set out after Sentinel and his new ninja-bot partner Springer, in order to stop them from accidentally destroying the city. Jazz must face Sentinel, as well as the ghost of Prowl, and decide where he stands. Meanwhile, Shockwave attempts to synthesize enough energon to power Megatron’s new body before the Elite Guard arrives at their doorsteps.

8.       Working Overtime
Ironhide must deal with Bumblebee’s complaining, as they assist in repairing the city. The Constructicons, searching the wreckage of the Lugnut Supreme on Dinobot Island, find an Allspark fragment. After stealing materials from Ironhide and Bumblebee, the Constructicons construct a new Constructicon: Long Haul, the complainer! Itchin’ for payback, Ironhide and Bumblebee get in over there head tackling the Constructicons on Dinobot Island.

9.       Mirror, Mirror, Part 1
On a trip to Earth, Bulkhead, Sari, and Arcee are involved in a freak space bridge accident. Bulkhead finds himself in an alternate ‘shattered glass’ universe, where the evil Professor Sumdac leads the enslaved, evil Autobots in a dictatorship against the Decepticon freedom fighters. Meanwhile, Arcee and Sari find themselves fighting alongside the unanimously elected Rodimus Magnus and Bumble Prime, and Galvatron to fight the Predacon forces, lead by Queen Blackarachnia and General Megatronus (BW Megs). (Sari learns how to transform!)

10.   Mirror, Mirror, Part 2
Bulkhead, finding it difficult to trust SG Megatron, runs away from the Decepticons. Megatron personally reaches out to Bulkhead, promising to help him reach home if he assists the Decepticons take over Sumdac Tower. With Bulkhead’s help, the Decepticons prevail, and Bulkhead uses his spacebridge expertise to find Arcee and Sari, who have been battling the Predacons in a guerilla war. Sari sees the power of techno-organics, and also questions her allegiances. Bulkhead, already having gone through such a trial, reassures Sari of her sides. All are able to reach home.

11.   It Came from Planet Cybertron
Cosmos, travelling to Earth with a special message for Optimus Prime, injures himself in a crash landing after scanning a flying saucer movie prop. Forgetting his special message, the Autobots try to jog his memory. Ratchet, having been absent the entirety of the episode, appears at the end. Cosmos is reminded that his message is to Ratchet, who has been tasked with assisting in Project: Powermaster. Meanwhile, Scalpel and Firecracker embark on an undercover mission to steal energon from a manufacturing plant.

12.   You’ve got the Power!
On this episode of Mythbusters! Can a minicon truly serve as a viable power regulator for an upgrade suit of armor? The old team behind Project: Omega is tasked with creating a power suit for Sentinel Magnus. Hilarity ensues, and the minicon Hi-Q is created. On Earth, Shockwave receives news that the Autobots are short one member, and decides to lead a guerilla assault on the Autobots, with the newly released Decepticon prisoner Demolishor, who proves to be too destructive for such an operation.

13.   Truck vs. Monkey
Blackarachnia has found her way back to Earth, determined to create a new Predacon army. Her first plan of action, after making base in the Lugnut Supreme, is to create an Optimus Prime clone! The clone becomes the black, savage Optimus Primal. Using the Dinobots as ransom, Blackarachnia calls out Optimus Prime to do battle with his savage counterpart. Unbeknownst to everyone, the Dinobots are cloned to create Sludge and Slash.

14.   S.T.E.A.M.
Soundwave, now with two more minions, Rumble and Frenzy, take the radical luddites of Save the Earth and Mankind, enemies of technology, hostage, including their leader, Porter C. Powell! The Autobots are now forced to save their biggest enemies from Soundwave. Taking note, Shockwave moves to recruit Soundwave, after his defeat at the hands of the Autobots.

15.   Turf War
During an attempt to siphon energon from the plant, the Constructicons and the Decepticons meet head on in a gang confrontation. In a near West Side Story style, Megatron and Dirt Boss agree to hold a war council. Should the Constructicons win, the Decepticons have no access to the energon facility. Megatron, seeing the Constructicons’s potential, states that should the Decepticons win, the Constructicons must fly under Megatron’s direct rule. The Constructicons kidnap Bulkhead in their attempt to gain an edge against Megatron, bringing the Earth Autobots into the fray.

16.   Megatron Must be Destroyed!, Part 1
The Constructicons, now under Decepticon rule, complete project Devastator, creating a new Construciton: Hook, the prick. Sentinel Magnus on Cybertron declares war on Megatron. Before he can leave for Earth, Ratchet takes the Powermaster suit on Omega Supreme to Earth, bringing Arcee, Bulkhead and Sari with him. Sentinel cowards out, and instead commands Optimus and his crew to embark on this suicide mission, hoping to nix them from the equation. The Earth Autobots battle against the Decepticons. Omega Supreme attempts a direct assault at Trypticon prison, determined to destroy it before “it awakes”. Too late, Shockwave activates Trypticon’s sentient battle mode (not a giant dinosaur), offlining Omega Supreme after an epic struggle. Things look dim for the Autobots. The Decepticons gain the upper hand, as the Autobots are preoccupied with running from Trypticon. Having observed the incident from Hi-Q’s monitors, Sentinel arrives dramatically in the Steelhaven.

17.   Megatron Must be Destroyed!, Part 2
Jetfire and Jetstorm distract Trypticon, while Sentinel and Springer enter the complex. With Trypticon distracted, the Autobots manage to defeat the Decepticons. Meanwhile, Sentinel and Springer fight their way to Trypticon’s controls to power down the battle base. All that is left is for Megatron and Prime to duke it out. Prime, recalling all who have suffered at Megatron’s hands, uses his determination to finaly destroy Megatron, by shooting him spaceward towards the sun. The episode ends with Ratchet recounting one of his first conversations with Optimus Prime. “Do you ever get the feeling that you were programmed for something more than repairing space bridges?” All return to their respective homes. Sentinel Magnus makes an uncharacteristically solemn speech across all of Cybertron, recounting Optimus Prime’s great acts of bravery. 

18.   Epilogue, Mini Episode
The series ends as it began, with Optimus narrating transpired events. Sentinel Magnus has proven himself to be an effective Magnus, arrogance aside. The Decepticon prisoners have their consciousness removed from their bodies (ala the G1 Combaticons), and Optimus remarks that there remain many Decepticons out there and that as long as the Autobot emblem remains on his chassis, he’ll find them…

The series mysteriously ends with the cut Slipstream scene where she rescues Starscream.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Close Encounters of the Love Kind

So, it's been a while. Dropping Tri-Daily Tru Dat Todays.

Anyways...tonight, I felt artistically inspired. It's currently Tuesday night (6/21/11) in Korea, where I'm vacationing, and I had a stroke of something. Maybe it was the Koreaness of Korean beverages.

So, I've been working (thinking about) doing some sort of drama-ish thing. Maybe a comic or a flash animation. The initial thing was about a kid about to commit suicide. I didn't plan out why he was gonna kill himself. It was some cynical, stupid reason. It was gonna be a first person narrative where as he'd record his suicide tapes, he'd revisit changing moments of his life. Before all that, he was a hopeless romantic. Something made him the cynical way he is. Thus, he becomes weirdly suicidal. The character was a cynical mess. Though his character development would have been presented through an interesting narrative format, I didn't like what the character would become. I pretty much dropped that project.

Tonight, I sort of revisited it. Planning on focusing on the hopeless-romantic aspect of the character I originally envisioned. That was the part of him I liked much more. It's not meant to be a prequel or anything to that crapfest I mentioned previously.

Yeah, I'm thinking of calling it "Close Encounters of der Love Kind". Working title. Maybe it's a romantic comedy, but I'd rather call it a romantic adventure. It'll mainly be about a kid named Kevin Ahn (Korean boiiiii) and his attempts to make friendly with a lady (make friendly does not mean the sex). He legitimately likes her. He's not looking for freaky times or anything. Each episode (Encounter) will detail each meeting he's had with her, up until what he believes to be their first date (foreshadowing). Ends after five Encounters.

I want it to have a similar thing as "Say Anything". For those of you who don't know this, "Say Anything" is a romantic movie from...the 80s I believe. There's an over-arching metaphor in the movie that compares the relationship between the two main characters (who are lovers), and the personal development of the girl. SPOILERS - They both just got out of high school, and the girl got admitted into a prestigious school overseas. She's never been on a plane before and is scared. Over the summer, she meets a boy. They have a rough relationship, but by the end, they're all good. He accompanies her on the plane ride to Europe or wherever. She's worried as hell cause the plane's shaking. He consoles her by saying something along the lines of "don't worry, the first few minutes are rough. Once the dinger goes off, everything's going to be all right." The movie ends with the ding. First five minutes are rough but once dinger goes off everything will be alright is a metaphor for their relationship, which had a rought beginning, but is implied will be alright.


So yeah, want some sort of overarching metaphor like that for my thingeh.

It'll be sort of autobiographic. I hesitate to use that term because A) my life does not merit biographies of any sort (yet) and B) if any of my personal friends saw this they'd be like "SO HOO DOEZ U HAVE LIKEZ 4?" which would make me sadface.

Anyways, yeah. May put up some artwork for it. Or something. I dunno.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tri-Daily True Dat Today: Procrastination


Everybody does it. Even smart people. Sometimes they procrastinate so hard that they procrastinate procrastination by studying. True dat.

I have finals and I procrastinate. I die. 

Tri-Daily True Dat Today: Missing 2

Missing 2

I missed the last TDx3 again. True dat.

I missed the last TDx3 again. True dat.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Need to Watch this Show

This young student takes a marvelous show, and RIPS IT TO SHREDS! SCIENCE!

I joke. I hear it's a great show. I should watch it.

Tri-Daily True Dat Today: Missing


I missed the last TDx3. True dat.

I missed the last TDx3. True dat.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tri-Daily True Dat Today: Fencing


Say it's not a sport.. It's still badass. True dat.

"Bro, fencing isn't even a sport."
"I'll stab you."

Monday, May 16, 2011

Aww, dude. Livin' the dream, baby. Livin' the dream.

Today, the Transformers: Dark of the Moon toyline hit the streets. Woohoo. But ignore that, cuz there are 3D cinemasks!

Let me just say that that nerd fellow there is living the dream. My dream to be exact. If procuring one of those masks automatically enables you to become the sort of man with the self-confidence to get a nerd girl like that, then count me in. Hasbro's marketing team, you smarmy devils, you.

Go get your TF3 on, while I still try to track down Generations figures -.- (If you actually know what I'm talking about, then kudos to you; you're at the right blog)

Tri-Daily True Dat Today: Season Finales

Season Finales

They best not disappoint. True dat.

Season finale of HIMYM Season 6 is on tonight. High standards, man.