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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Music Career of Gav.I.N.

Thought I’d drop by and give some’dis while I work on other blog posts…

Youtube has allowed any individual with a camera, a little creativity, and the patience to upload a video to become a worldwide sensation. Unfortunately I have not yet taken off…

Here’s a video! It was for a physics project I did in 9th grade. My partner and I had to make a presentation about solar energy. Needless to say, big PRULZ dropped us a 100%...

Here dem lyrics…yo.

Solar boom, gotta get that
Solar boom, gotta get that
Solar boom, gotta get that
Solar boom, gotta get that

Solar boom, pow
Solar boom, pow
Solar pow

Yo, solar energy from the sun
That's how life on the earth begun
The sun's heat and light
Is what gives us life

Them mad scientists
Make energy electric
Power, legit
It's crazy STUFF

To the atomic level
Photovoltaic cells
Absorb energy from the sun
Until the cells go 'pow'

Releasing electric waves
Controlled by silicon. YAY!
I got that solar boom
That future solar boom
Let me get it now

PV boom, gotta get that
PV boom, gotta get that
PV boom, gotta get that
PV boom, gotta get that

CSP boom boom, now
CSP boom boom, now
CSP boom pow
CSP boom pow

Conc'trating solar power, boom
Ya'll see them sun rays zoom
They reflect off the mirrors, woo
Make power for-for you

The heat makes water super hot
The steam makes turbines spin a lot
Gen'rating some of that
Electric boom zoom zap

Mainly for domestic use
Watches and calculators too
Build factories in the desert
Lots of land, it makes 'em better

'Cuz we got the power house
If you got a lot of ground
We got the S-O-L-A-R
PRULZ's A track in your town

People in the world
Usin' more solar energy
Cleanest source of power
Zero emissions, drop the price now

Yup, yup
I be rockin' that heat, yup, yup
Use the sun for my heat, y-y-yup, yup

Here we go, there we go, Gavin and Dylan yo
Y'all gettin' hit with SUN SUN
Heat so hot, not bettin' on Exxon
Some say the future is SUN SUN

Power of the future is SUN SUN
Power of the future is

The sun keep shinin' shinin'
That solar boom boom

Let the heat rock
Let the heat rock
Let the heat rock

The sun keep shinin' shinin'
That solar boom boom

Of all the energy consumed
Only point 5 percent used
US investing but
It's still $4 a watt

Maybe 2000 and then
Not much, 2000 and 10
To get that solar boom
Costs need to go down soon
Let me get it now

Solar boom, gotta get that
Solar boom, gotta get that
Solar boom, gotta get that
Solar boom, gotta get that

Solar boom, pow
Solar boom, pow
Solar pow

Let the heat rock
(Let the heat rock)
Let the heat rock
(Let the heat)
Let the heat
(Let the heat rock, rock, rock, rock)

The whole process maybe took three whole, long days of work… One for info gathering and writing, one for shooting, and one for the music video.


So, it’s 10th grade, and my science teacher’s, like, “Yo…element project…yo.” Naturally, I take up the mantle of Gav.I.N. once again…see, I rhymed… teehee.

GPak's Glogster

The button to play the song is somewhere there…it’s hidden…well… For the record…got another A…

Seventy eight…

That’s the atomic number of platinum
It’s a transition element, platinum
1-9-5 point oh 8 a-m-u, platinum

That’s the atomic number of platinum
It’s a transition element, platinum
1-9-5 point oh 8 a-m-u, platinum

Platinum… Peeeeteeee

That’s the symbol of element platinum
That’s the symbol of element platinum
That’s the symbol of element plat-platinum

Platinum… Peeeeteeee

That’s the symbol of element platinum
That’s the symbol of element platinum
That’s the symbol of element plat-platinum

Platinum metal
Resists corrosion
It’s got that shine
Standard state’s solid
25 Celc.
It’s malleable
My favorite me’al

Group VIIIB is where platinum falls
That group is composed of precious metals
Platinum is also in period six
Number seventy eight
Platinum’s pretty sick
(Chi Chi Chi)

Discovered by
Spanish General
Antonio de Ulloa,
Sevteen thir’five
South ‘Merica
Called Platina
Spanish for silver
And then they found it again

Forty One
Charles Wood
He found it, he found it,
Let’s live it up
Then Eighteen Twenty two
Ural Mountains of Russia
There was some, platinum

That’s the atomic number of platinum
It’s a transition element, platinum
1-9-5 point oh 8 a-m-u, platinum

Platinum… Peeeeteeee
That’s the symbol of element platinum
That’s the symbol of element platinum
That’s the symbol of element plat-platinum

Platinum metal
Resists corrosion
It’s got that shine
(It’s got that shine)
Go out and smash it
(Smash it)
Pt’s the symbol
(Come on!)
My favorite me’al
Better than gold
Used as jewelry
traded worldwide
(precious, precious)

Helps fight cancer
(Fight cancer)
It shuts it down
(It shuts it down)
Catalyst to
Industrial reactions

Used in the
and chem’cal
Petrol’um refining,
Platinum’s the one
Dentistry and
coating missile
nosecones, babeh
Jet engine fuel nozzles
As well as razor edges, edges

Here we come,
Here we go
Platinum rocks
(Rock rock rock rock rock)
Neutron counts,
Isotope props
They occur
(Rock rock rock rock rock)
Here are the names of the
Isotopes, stop
(Rock rock rock rock rock)

1-90, 192,
194, 195
196, 198
198, they’re pretty great
Get, get, get , get,
Get those ‘topes, you know what we say, say
Got a lot of functions, you can have it your way

That’s the atomic number of platinum
It’s a transition element, platinum
1-9-5 point oh 8 a-m-u, platinum

Platinum… Peeeeteeee
That’s the symbol of element platinum
That’s the symbol of element platinum
That’s the symbol of element plat-platinum


This one was difficult to do, as it was a solo project. I did not have the assistance of a full on recording studio that my partner graciously opened up to me last year. I had to Youtube up an autotune effect that I could do with Garage Band…thanks weird Youtube dude…

If you want to hear an actually good element project:

Of course, the singer is our good ol’ buddy from the 9th grade solar energy vid.

You’d enjoy this post more if you could ignore my singing :|

Monday, November 22, 2010


For some reason, the font is fonting up on me... It's either too large and clumsy looking, or too small and flimsy looking... BLEGH >.<

This makes me sad....

EDIT: aye feeks eet

Swayt Sictayn

Two friends of mine have recently turned sixteen, which has me not thinking much about my 16th's in June. Was born in the middle of the decade, middle of the year, middle of the month... June Fitayn (15)...same BDay as NPH. w00t.

Actually, the true purpose of this blogpost is to review a movie that I am rather fond of: John Hughes's Sixteen Candles. As you mayn't know, John Hughes has created some of my favorite movies...and I love them... Yeah...

Anthony Michael Hall through the years...

Anyways, Sixteen Candles stars the talent of Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall. Once again, Ringwald fulfills the role of the pretty, misunderstood, strong female protagonist, while Anthony Michael Hall is once again an ever-lovable nerd. You'd suspect that Hall would suffer from severe type casting as his career progressed, but fortunately his new figure has allowed him to fulfill other roles, including the news anchor of GCN in The Dark Knight. Despite the fact that we've seen Ringwald and Hall in these roles before, their performance never goes stale, as their particular character quirks allow them to remain interesting throughout the course of the motion picture. There's no doubt that each actor successfully fulfills his or her role.

That's not to say that some of the casting/characters are strange. Seeing John Kapelos cast as Rudy Ryszczyk, the fiance of Ringwald's sister, was altogether strange. Kapelos's performance in the Breakfast Club as the janitor was too memorable to allow me to see him in this new role.

Hughes's played with another type of humor as well, introducing the character Long Duk Dong, expertly portrayed by Gedde Watanabe. Long Duk Dong is quite a stereotypical representation of an FOB dork who really doesn't know better. He's quite a sad character, who, in a way, serves to contrast Ringwald's character, Samantha Baker. Dong is shown to be easily fascinated with American culture and life. His confusion, which stems from being in a strange environment, leads him to become an open slate of sort. Meanwhile, Baker's strong will allows her confusion to strengthen her resolve in following her own heart. The only thing in her way is her own personal inhibitions, while Dong does not have such inhibitions and allows himself to let loose. While Hughes's choice to make Long Duk Dong a stereotypical Asian is questionable, it is rather justified by its significance in contrasting Ringwald's character. Dong is generally accepted by the viewing audience, despite his potential...badness, due to how well he rounds off the cast of the movie. His character is not essential to the development of the story, and yet it adds so much richness to the cast.

The story itself shows Hughes's mastery of the common 'personal development' story. What differentiates his work from those of Disney or Dreamworks is the relate-able nature of his characters. While it may be hard to relate to princesses flying on magic carpets (not dissing 'A Whole New World'...great song), it is simple to relate to a common teenager facing common teenager problems. Only, Hughes's is able to portray his commonplace characters as princesses by the end of the movie, while still allowing his characters to portray the average middle-class urban teenager.

Hughes's takes the teenage fear of being lost in a crowd to the extreme, having Samantha's parents forget her birthday. The common fear of not being noticed is pushed to its limits, as Samantha's birthday is overshadowed by the wedding of her sister and the formerly mentioned Rudy Ryszczyk. Already facing personal troubles at school, being forgotten is the last thing Samantha wants. Despite this, just as the average teenager would be, Samantha is left in disbelief, and does not mention it to her parents. She waits for her own parents to figure out their shortcoming as any contemptuous teenager would. In the end, this dispute is solved, as Samantha's dad shows himself to be an excellent father, comforting his daughter, and reassuring her that she is not one to fade into crowd.

The last spectacular aspect of the movie is its soundtrack. The featuring song, Spandau Ballet's 'True' exemplifies the quintessential 80's romance song... Give it a listen...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter...

Blegh... "And that's all I have to say about that" ( :| )

But seriously, I don't really like the Harry Potter series all too much. The series started strongly as a fantasy series for children. J.K. Rowling, unquestionably, is able to captivate the minds of her target audience: children. Her use of literary themes such as the importance of friendship, overcoming evil and father-figures, while cliche, do appeal to most. It's better to read happy endings, rather than endings where the bad guy comes out on top.

Despite this, J.K. Rowling, while still writing in the style of a children's author, moved away from childish themes. As Potter matured, so too did J.K. Rowling's target audience. While incorporating more mature themes, such as death, dark pasts, and the triumph of evil, Rowling still wrote her stories in the same style as her previous lighter ones. This blend of dark ideas and children-targeted writing caused for the formation of an awkward story which, while appealing, lacked a sense of satisfaction. This idea comes to full fruition in the epilogue of the final book.

The cliche ending in which the protagonist dies, comes back to life, then defeats the villain is trumped by the even more cliche ending of everyone living happily ever after, marrying each other in a strange criss-cross of love.

"Hey, best bud! I banged your sister thrice+ times! I think I'ma name all dem love-childs after dead people."

The "happily-ever-after" ending is an ending commonly attributed to the childlike fantasy stories of the Disney variety. While I too love these endings, these endings don't seem appropriate, given the tone of the last few books. It seems as if this ending did not enhance the life of any of the main protagonists. Instead of learning something, or taking something profound away from all these near-death experiences, it seems much more as if they were just wiping the sweat from their brow thinking, "Thank god that bat-sh-t is over...".

While I can't deny that there is something behind J.K. Rowling's writing that keeps people of all ages coming for more, I fairly state that, with such a widespread demographic of readers, it is impossible for her to please everyone. Her attempt to cater to the entirety of her audience, incorporating dark themes within children's writing, created an awkwardly written novel which I, personally, don't enjoy.


I've never read Harry Potter 1-2 and 5-7...Let the flaming begin ( :| )

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"What's that from?"

There are phrases that irritate me to a great extent. One of which would be the classic “What’s that from?”. IT’S FROM MY MIND, YOU #@$%! Has humanity truly been driven to the point where everything that anyone has said, be it comedic or profound, must come from something other than the original specimen that is the individual human mind? For some reason or other, media has consumed the minds of the general populace to the point where it’s nigh inconceivable to think that anyone’s sense of humor is original. It truly irritates me that anything I say that is deemed humorous is, in the audience’s mind, the creation of another individual. It cheapens my creative licensing :( ...

I mean, honestly, whenever I say something that is not original material, I'll preface it with "There was this funny thing from ______" or something of that sort, or, if comedic timing permits, after the phrase is stated. The only instances wherein I don't attribute the source material is when the source material is bloody obvious, like... "The Hangover" quotes or something...

Another annoying phrase is the “Oh yeah, that was from that “Family Guy” episode.” NO IT WASN’T! I understand that it’s probably a funny show. I haven’t seen it myself. Despite this, the number of pop cultural and media references in that show have made it impossible to reference any funny Youtube video or joke without someone uttering that phrase.

“Dude, he just dropped that test tube!”
“Ooh, BOOM goes the dynamite.”
“Hey that was on that “Family Guy” epi-“
“NO IT WASN’T, YOU #@%!”

…indescribably annoying…

I mean, honestly, I tarked rike a Asian before "Famiry Guy" or "South Park" or any of dat shyiii-

There are also many internet practices that I dislike. For example, the “Profile Picture Sympathy” vote. When you post a profile picture to Facebook, you don’t need to bring yourself down by putting phrases like “SO UGLY” or “ugh, I hate this photo” as the description for the photo just to get someone to say otherwise. You’re all beautiful in your own ways…yeah… (>.>)

"Brooklyn RAGE!"

Actualy, this post has nothing to do with Brooklyn ( :| )... Um, so a while back, I found this great art program called Art Rage...2! It's excellent. Everyone go buy it...

I've been able to make some cool digital pieces with that program, including the painting I dished out for the background. Originally it was in preparation for an art class portrait, but I just went all out. I realized after finishing the painting that the background was reminiscent of a "hazy cosmic jive". Anyways, here it is in full glory...

Here are some other thing-ys... Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man <3

AKU! Mastah of darkness! Shogun of despair!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Code Name…or Brode Name?

Imagine this. You’re at a bar, scoping out the talent.
“Ey dude, check out that talent.”

When suddenly your wingman slips your name out!
“Yeah, Ferdinand. Too bad she’s totally out of your league.”

Unbeknownst to you, the talent hears this name… The story continues!
“Don’t worry, bro,” you reply. “I’m rockin’ The Playbook tonight. I’ma do…the LORENZO VON MATTERHORN!*
(HALT! Before proceeding, check out that asterisk and make sure you get the Lorenzo Von Matterhorn…)

“Woah, dude.”
“Hold that thought, bro,” you say. “I’m going in for the hunt.”

You performance of the Lorenzo Von Matterhorn is flawless. Until the grand reveal…

“You really don’t know who I am? Huh, what a shocking change of pace…I’m Lorenzo Von Matterhorn…”
“Wait a minute,” your tasty slice interjects. “I thought you were Ferdinand…”
You stare at something beyond the fourth wall… “NOOOOOOO!!!!”

The night is ruined…

How could you avoid such a lame situation? Simple! Get out your notebooks, people, cuz Encyclopædia Brotannica is about to lay down some premium grade knowledge on thine behind!

The use of a Brode name can remedy any situation, turning your one night hand(jobWHUUUUUT?) to a one night stand(job?).

Here’s a list of handy Brode names…
Media Bros

Christopher Brolan
Angelina Brolie
Emilibro Estevez
John Broltrane
Broprah Winfrey
Axl Brose
Bro Diddley
Stephen Brobelt
Brohammed Ali
Bon Brovi
Shaquille Bro’Nille
Brolando Bloom
Brobe Bryant
Sylvester Stylbrone
Peter Bro Toole
Masi Broka
Brotorious B.I.G.

Mytho/Relig  Bros

Bronah and the Whale

Pop Culture Bros

Brolden Caulfield
Sherlock Brolmes
Brony Montana
Brobo Cop
Brofessor X
Brobi Wan Kenobi
Landbro Calrissian
Bromer Simpson
Brony the Tiger
GI Bro
Brojo Jojo
Han Brolo
Broba Fett
Broby Dick
Bro Peep
Brobra Commander
Ted Brosby
Broad Runner
Brodo Baggins
Brony Stark
Lt. Colonel Brodey
Indiana Brones
Johnny Brabro

Historial Bros

Brosef Goebbels
Brosef Stalin
Christopher Brolumbus
Teddy Broosevelt
Nabrolean Bronaparte
Marco Brolo
Vincent Van Bro
Edgar Allen Bro
Fidel Castbro
Broan of Arc
Abroham Lincoln
Don Quibrote

Fast Food Bros

Bromino’s Pizza / Domibro’s Pizza
El Brollo Loco / El Pollo Broco

Public Figure Bros

Brope Benedict
Barrack Brobama
Bro Biden

...The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn taken from Barney's Blog.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Guest Blogger: Kaz - Michael Bay's Contention Regarding the State of Jazz

*Another guest blog from the ever-lovable Kazmanian Devil ("No space, lowercase 'd', and there's a 10 after it, lowercase 'k' too")... This blog post was inspired by a nerd convo in the library...oh those nerd convos.*

Contemplating the intricate, brilliantly devised plot of the first 'Transformers' movie the other day, I realized something quite interesting; An 'Autobot' called 'Jazz' was introduced and killed off over the course of the movie. Initially, while watching the movie, I had not payed much attention to this event, awed as I was by the CGI destruction of what the film called 'Mission City'. But now, almost 3 years later, I recognize the full implications of Jazz's story. It would seem that Michael Bay is lamenting the state, or indeed death, of jazz in the 21st century. Furthermore, the nature of Jazz's death in 'Transformers' offers a theory of how Jazz has died; the ever-ebulliant autobot is pulled apart by Megatron, the leader of the apparently uncultured Decepticons. The compartmentalization of jazz, which has only developed in the last 30-40 years and ridiculous subgenres including nujazz, neo-bop jazz, and, of course, punk-jazz, is followed by its undignified death. Michael Bay, known for his gung-ho patriotism, compiles soundtracks that are suggestive of a KRock/MTV-informed rock music taste, but his delicate, poignant portrayal of Jazz's death reveals his love for that art form, which some would call America's greatest cultural invention.

Hey! Shia didn't look unhappy enough when J/jazz died - das jive/ain't jibe, Tootie...


*I'd also like to call to your attention that the original cut of this scene had Megatron consuming the spark (heart) of Jazz! Fruit for thought...ahem...excuse me...grub for thought (freakin' Brentwood Jazz blog people freakin' messin' up mah freakin' post).*

Sunday, November 14, 2010

...Apparently that's some website devoted to indie music... meh.

I've been noticing that shameless plugging has become a bad habit of mine, so I decided to make a post dedicated to the crude art...

E'rbody follow me on Twitter:
You will be slightly amused.

E'rbody check out my deviantART:

You'll be fascinated at all of the Transformers crap...

E'rbody check out my Youtube:
You'll be amazed at how high my voice once was.

E'rbody check out the Brentwood Jazz blog:
There're actually good posts about music there.

E'rbody check out djflee's blog:
Why am I plugging this?

Now that that's outta the way, I'ma go and label everything with a shameless plug "shameless plug"... That's just about e'r post...

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Name of the Game

Hey there! So, I put a lot of effort into making this blog...So much...effort. The naming process took a whole free track! I came up with seven names, and asked seven people for their opinion. I added up the scores to get the final thingeh...

1) Hazy Cosmic Jive 7 3 7 7 7 6 6 | 43
A line from the David Bowie song 'Starman'. There was quite a bias in favor of this name, as 'jive' is a jazz slang word. The owners of the Brentwood Jazz*, Kaz and Daddy-O both participated in the poll.

2) A Little Silhouetto of a Man 5 6 2 5 6 3 7 | 34
This was my personal pick. It's a line from the song 'Bohemian Rhapsody.

3) A Royale With Cheese 2 5 6 4 4 5 5 | 31
Of course, this is a line from 'Pulp Fiction'.

4) $5 Milkshake 3 7 5 3 3 2 4 | 27
Yet another line from 'Pulp Fiction'.

5) How to Avoid the Sun 1 5 3 2 5 4 2 | 22
The song by KPop superstar Rain (Bi/비)

6) The Most Swankified Place in Town 4 2 4 6 1 1 3 | 21 
A line of dialog from the song 'Dancing Through Life' of 'Wicked'.

7) Sunset Glow 6 1 1 1 7 2 1 | 19
The title of a Big Bang song...

I've shamelessly plugged the Brentwood Jazz blog in three different posts... and I haven't even gotten to the shameless plug post yet.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

11:11 11/11

Forever immortalized, thanks to Windows 7's snipping tool.
Happy Pepero Day, one and all.

The King of Pop Lives...

Apparently Michael Jackson is releasing a posthumous album of completely new, unreleased songs. The album is due out December 20th, and is simply called 'Michael'. The Michael Jackson Youtube page released one of the songs, Breaking News, after receiving negative publicity. The Jackson family claims that, although Michael did indeed have recording sessions where these songs were sang, the album features sound-a-likes of the King of Pop.

Despite this, sciencey people have used sound wave analysis and have determined that this is the authentic MJ, as have sound editors who have listened to raws of these tracks. I'd like to believe that it's actually him. Furthermore, the Jackson family has shown a lot of contempt for posthumously released things regarding Michael. I'm pretty sure that they encouraged the boycott of the 'This Is It' movie, and have made similar allegations regarding that movie, stating that many shots use a body double.

I don't have a particular ear for music, so I can't reach any personal conclusion as to whether or not this is sung by the actual MJ or not. Regardless, give it a listen. I'm definitely still going to get this album, sound-a-like or not.


The album cover is a beautiful oil painting done by artist Kadir Nelson. It was commissioned by Michael back in 2009.


Happy Pepero Day! Today's the day... 11/11! It's like Korean Valentine's day...and it's awesome. In addition to being a lovely holiday, folklore (yes, folklore) states that Pepero Day originated in a li'l school in 1994 in 부산 (Busan), where the children would exchange Pepero, hoping that everybody grows as tall and slender as Pepero. E'rbody check out the wiki page for's the Korean knock-off of Japanese Pocky.

빼빼로 (that took so long to type) is freaking epic. The Koreans are freaking epic. After starting up Pepero Day, the company behind Japanese Pocky tried to start up Pocky Day...

It failed.

Koreans: 1 / Japanese: 0
Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~! Go Pepero~!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gavin Speaks

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to make an announcement:


*Thanks, Kaz...Schamown...*

Guest Blogger: Kazimon

*Hey there, Gavin here... Welcome to our first guest blog, done by none other than the ever so awesensational Kit Kaz, co-owner of the Brentwood Jazz blog. I will attempt to keep his writings uncensored, but will continue to loom over his shoulder like a bird of prey. Anything written by me will be distinguished using asterisks. From here on in, Kaz...*


Yo. Kaztastrophe here *I so came up with Kaztastrophe -.-* - I've been called upon to write an article by tehKOREANdude (Gavin). Here ensues some 'shameless plugging':

Go to the Brentwood Jazz Blog :)

I'd like call attention to the violence which was necessary for the creation of this blog. Several Domo-Kuns have been harmed, and the shopkeepers at Giant Robot are still all shaken up.

*A small struggle has ensued between guest blogger Kaz and blog owner Gavibear...*

Do know that the deceptively innocent looking t-shirt and Domo-Kun were obtained using a combination of threats, blackmail, and the infamous 'five-star' back-pat. As I attempt to churn out some truthful *F--- YOU, KAZ!* journalism, Gavin sits by and tries to convince me that he won the pictured items at a 'Great America' carnival game. Although now, he has contradicted his aforementioned story and claimed to have purchased the prizes (illicitly, he claims) from the booth-master *BOOTH-EFFING-MASTAH!*


*Kaz is not peaceful, despite the nature of his send-off, and the fact that he claims his name, Kaz(oo-oh!), means peaceful/harmonious man in Yaponesa [1]. What is in a name? On a separate note, the Domo-Kun story is a tale for another day. Signing off...*


[1] Yaponesa is...Japanese. GASP!

Four Letter "L" Words that (Sorta) Have to do with Love/Lust

I have noticed an interesting trend regarding four letter words that begin with the letter "l". Many of them pertain to the taboo topic of love. Here is an excerpt from a conversation I (never have) had.

"Ooh, check out dem cats over there!"
"They so dig eachother."
"Oh look, Daddy-o's about to say that "l" word!"
"What's the "l" word? Lank?" *

Yeah, that happens all the time. But alas, there is hope yon knave. Here be a list of all of the four letter "l" words that pertain to the sensitive topic of sexualitah. This list is also dandy if you're in a sticky spot in a game of hangman.

We're goin' alphabetically here, folks.

Lack | an absence of something; likely to be used as an insult. ex: "You lack moneyz and bedly skills!" ...Ouch.
Laid | the past participle form of the idea of laying with thine maiden
Lair | the hell-hole you call home
Lame | a low level of awesomeness describing one's ability to woo un/a novio/a
Lank | a state of being describing something long and dangly
Laps | comfy places to sit in...d'aww
Lard | creative people will find a use for this
Late | what you always are to your dates
Lawl | what any sweet spouse would do for you, even for a horrible punny. ex: "Not sharing my clam chowder would be awfully -shellfish- of me." "Oh lawl." That's a solid relationship right there.
Lead | an action one can take to escort another (onto the dance floooooor XD)
Lean | an action you can do with your consourt
Left | the altar! Gasp!
Legs | need I say more?
Lest | a word you can use to sound Shakespearean, if you're going for the George Clooney style sophisticated shmexy; means 'in fear of'. ex: "Allow us to steal away into yon darkest night, lest our fathers catch us in fright!" Wrote that on the spot...pretty proud of myself. And yet I still don't have a woomun :|
Lewd | the common behavior of most of the morally reprehensible species of animal known as men
Lick | ...not on a blog...
Lies | best. Big Bang. song. evAR! oh yeah, and the end of all relationships...
Life | the thing you want to share with a significant other; the thing that gets sucked out of you after meeting your significant other
Lift | a dance step
Like | the pretense to love
Line | don't cross it!
Lips | the thing you
List | what you read in order to orientate yourself with the four lettered love vernacular
Loin | the singular form of loins...for those of you who are *ahem* challenged
Lone | what you don't want to be
Lost | how love leaves you
Love | you got this far-I'm assuming you know what this is
Luau | a ceremony you might encounter during a honeymoon
Lube | you'll need tons of it
Luck | you'll need tons of it
Lulz | see "Lawl"
Lure | a more seductive method of leading
Lust | love, but sh-tty (ooh, first cuss of the blog)


*Jazz slang courtesy of Brentwood Jazz. Go check dem cats out: Brentwood Jazz

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So, I obsess over an extreme extent. Here's a list of things I used to obsess over. Talk to me about any of these things. We can have a good discussion.

Pokemon; Season 1 (1998-1999) > Spiderman (2001-2004) > Star Wars (2005-2007) > Transformers (2007-FOREVER!)

You may notice a trend here. Each obsession started around the time that a motion picture pertaining to the topic came abewt. Pokemon aired from 98-99. The first Spiderman movie aired in 2001. Star Wars Episode III was released in 05, and the Transformers movie aired in 2007. Transformers is definitely the one I've invested the most moneyz in... Maybe someday I'll show you the extent of that obsession...

The Playbook Addendum

Greetings. So, as I stated before, How I Met Your Mother is my favorite show...EVAR! Of course, I bought both The Bro Code and The Playbook the day I heard they were available. I have quite a few plays that I would like to add. This particular play is inspired by a certain individual who's initials are the same as those of a fast-food burger chain.

The Pre-Planned Coincidental Similarity

Success Rate
soul-maters, girls with daddy issues, KTown girls
A Facebook and/or a wingman with boobs
Prep Time
5-10 days
You’re now a Facebook stalker

1. Either enlist your female wingman to become a personal friend to your target, or become Facebook friends with her.

2. Gather a list of your target's favorites. Create a handy excel sheet to conveniently record said information. Also helps when you come up with puns while you're making your scrap book (heheh).

3. Pick out one of her favorites and become acquainted with it.

4. Generate conversation with your target regarding one of those topics.

Note: Keep in mind the tactic of the backhanded compliment. This will allow you to establish a common interest with your target while also reminding her of her father issues.

5. Establish a recurring series of meetings, conversations and activities based on this topic.

6. Establish a recurring series of "meetings, conversations and activities" based on her topics.


E'rbody watch HIMYM on CBS...New episodes Monday night!

A compliation clip of many of Barney Stinson's plays...

Likewise, check out Barney's blog!

Monday, November 8, 2010


So, I'm Gavin... welcome to my humble online abode... blog.

So, if you want a little rundown on my interests and such, you could check out my public profile. As a brief summary, I'm Korean, love sci-fi, art and fencing. Favorite movie is Pulp Fiction, my favorite band is Queen and my favorite TV show is How I Met Your Mother.

I'll try not to nerd out publically (>.>) but I obssesively love sci-fi...things...blegh. Star Wars is my favorite movie series. I also love the Predator, Alien and Terminator franchises. But my favorite thing of all time is, by far, Transformers. I'm sure that in the near future there will be multitudes of posts dedicated to the intergalactic war between the Autobots and Decepticon-I'm so nerding out (-.-).

Doobity doobity... So I love art. It's some good stuff. I suppose I love art because it's a good method of expression. That's why, I suppose, I made this blog. To express myself... Blogging is an art, peoplez. All you bloggers are beautiful, beautiful artists.