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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Four Letter "L" Words that (Sorta) Have to do with Love/Lust

I have noticed an interesting trend regarding four letter words that begin with the letter "l". Many of them pertain to the taboo topic of love. Here is an excerpt from a conversation I (never have) had.

"Ooh, check out dem cats over there!"
"They so dig eachother."
"Oh look, Daddy-o's about to say that "l" word!"
"What's the "l" word? Lank?" *

Yeah, that happens all the time. But alas, there is hope yon knave. Here be a list of all of the four letter "l" words that pertain to the sensitive topic of sexualitah. This list is also dandy if you're in a sticky spot in a game of hangman.

We're goin' alphabetically here, folks.

Lack | an absence of something; likely to be used as an insult. ex: "You lack moneyz and bedly skills!" ...Ouch.
Laid | the past participle form of the idea of laying with thine maiden
Lair | the hell-hole you call home
Lame | a low level of awesomeness describing one's ability to woo un/a novio/a
Lank | a state of being describing something long and dangly
Laps | comfy places to sit in...d'aww
Lard | creative people will find a use for this
Late | what you always are to your dates
Lawl | what any sweet spouse would do for you, even for a horrible punny. ex: "Not sharing my clam chowder would be awfully -shellfish- of me." "Oh lawl." That's a solid relationship right there.
Lead | an action one can take to escort another (onto the dance floooooor XD)
Lean | an action you can do with your consourt
Left | the altar! Gasp!
Legs | need I say more?
Lest | a word you can use to sound Shakespearean, if you're going for the George Clooney style sophisticated shmexy; means 'in fear of'. ex: "Allow us to steal away into yon darkest night, lest our fathers catch us in fright!" Wrote that on the spot...pretty proud of myself. And yet I still don't have a woomun :|
Lewd | the common behavior of most of the morally reprehensible species of animal known as men
Lick | ...not on a blog...
Lies | best. Big Bang. song. evAR! oh yeah, and the end of all relationships...
Life | the thing you want to share with a significant other; the thing that gets sucked out of you after meeting your significant other
Lift | a dance step
Like | the pretense to love
Line | don't cross it!
Lips | the thing you
List | what you read in order to orientate yourself with the four lettered love vernacular
Loin | the singular form of loins...for those of you who are *ahem* challenged
Lone | what you don't want to be
Lost | how love leaves you
Love | you got this far-I'm assuming you know what this is
Luau | a ceremony you might encounter during a honeymoon
Lube | you'll need tons of it
Luck | you'll need tons of it
Lulz | see "Lawl"
Lure | a more seductive method of leading
Lust | love, but sh-tty (ooh, first cuss of the blog)


*Jazz slang courtesy of Brentwood Jazz. Go check dem cats out: Brentwood Jazz


  1. This is awesome, good job Gavin... I wanted to post a comment earlier but it said I had to login with something and I didn't have time to make that "something"

    I'm thoroughly impressed; this is well written and the funniness value for this is high (not humor value, funniness value

    Next to "like" there shoulda been a mention about children and teens like "like-a pretense to love, and also a term used by teens to say that they might be in love, but who are too shy to use the 'l[ove]' word"


  2. If whipped started with a "L" and was four letters...

  3. "like-a pretense to love, and also a term used by teens to say that they might be in love, but who are too shy to use the 'l[ove]' word"

    Glad to see you clarified which 'l' word you were referring to ;D

    also glad to see you're enjoyin' this. I'll post up a shameless plug for you.