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Monday, November 15, 2010

Guest Blogger: Kaz - Michael Bay's Contention Regarding the State of Jazz

*Another guest blog from the ever-lovable Kazmanian Devil ("No space, lowercase 'd', and there's a 10 after it, lowercase 'k' too")... This blog post was inspired by a nerd convo in the library...oh those nerd convos.*

Contemplating the intricate, brilliantly devised plot of the first 'Transformers' movie the other day, I realized something quite interesting; An 'Autobot' called 'Jazz' was introduced and killed off over the course of the movie. Initially, while watching the movie, I had not payed much attention to this event, awed as I was by the CGI destruction of what the film called 'Mission City'. But now, almost 3 years later, I recognize the full implications of Jazz's story. It would seem that Michael Bay is lamenting the state, or indeed death, of jazz in the 21st century. Furthermore, the nature of Jazz's death in 'Transformers' offers a theory of how Jazz has died; the ever-ebulliant autobot is pulled apart by Megatron, the leader of the apparently uncultured Decepticons. The compartmentalization of jazz, which has only developed in the last 30-40 years and ridiculous subgenres including nujazz, neo-bop jazz, and, of course, punk-jazz, is followed by its undignified death. Michael Bay, known for his gung-ho patriotism, compiles soundtracks that are suggestive of a KRock/MTV-informed rock music taste, but his delicate, poignant portrayal of Jazz's death reveals his love for that art form, which some would call America's greatest cultural invention.

Hey! Shia didn't look unhappy enough when J/jazz died - das jive/ain't jibe, Tootie...


*I'd also like to call to your attention that the original cut of this scene had Megatron consuming the spark (heart) of Jazz! Fruit for thought...ahem...excuse me...grub for thought (freakin' Brentwood Jazz blog people freakin' messin' up mah freakin' post).*

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