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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Guest Blogger: Kazimon

*Hey there, Gavin here... Welcome to our first guest blog, done by none other than the ever so awesensational Kit Kaz, co-owner of the Brentwood Jazz blog. I will attempt to keep his writings uncensored, but will continue to loom over his shoulder like a bird of prey. Anything written by me will be distinguished using asterisks. From here on in, Kaz...*


Yo. Kaztastrophe here *I so came up with Kaztastrophe -.-* - I've been called upon to write an article by tehKOREANdude (Gavin). Here ensues some 'shameless plugging':

Go to the Brentwood Jazz Blog :)

I'd like call attention to the violence which was necessary for the creation of this blog. Several Domo-Kuns have been harmed, and the shopkeepers at Giant Robot are still all shaken up.

*A small struggle has ensued between guest blogger Kaz and blog owner Gavibear...*

Do know that the deceptively innocent looking t-shirt and Domo-Kun were obtained using a combination of threats, blackmail, and the infamous 'five-star' back-pat. As I attempt to churn out some truthful *F--- YOU, KAZ!* journalism, Gavin sits by and tries to convince me that he won the pictured items at a 'Great America' carnival game. Although now, he has contradicted his aforementioned story and claimed to have purchased the prizes (illicitly, he claims) from the booth-master *BOOTH-EFFING-MASTAH!*


*Kaz is not peaceful, despite the nature of his send-off, and the fact that he claims his name, Kaz(oo-oh!), means peaceful/harmonious man in Yaponesa [1]. What is in a name? On a separate note, the Domo-Kun story is a tale for another day. Signing off...*


[1] Yaponesa is...Japanese. GASP!

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