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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The King of Pop Lives...

Apparently Michael Jackson is releasing a posthumous album of completely new, unreleased songs. The album is due out December 20th, and is simply called 'Michael'. The Michael Jackson Youtube page released one of the songs, Breaking News, after receiving negative publicity. The Jackson family claims that, although Michael did indeed have recording sessions where these songs were sang, the album features sound-a-likes of the King of Pop.

Despite this, sciencey people have used sound wave analysis and have determined that this is the authentic MJ, as have sound editors who have listened to raws of these tracks. I'd like to believe that it's actually him. Furthermore, the Jackson family has shown a lot of contempt for posthumously released things regarding Michael. I'm pretty sure that they encouraged the boycott of the 'This Is It' movie, and have made similar allegations regarding that movie, stating that many shots use a body double.

I don't have a particular ear for music, so I can't reach any personal conclusion as to whether or not this is sung by the actual MJ or not. Regardless, give it a listen. I'm definitely still going to get this album, sound-a-like or not.


The album cover is a beautiful oil painting done by artist Kadir Nelson. It was commissioned by Michael back in 2009.

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