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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Playbook Addendum

Greetings. So, as I stated before, How I Met Your Mother is my favorite show...EVAR! Of course, I bought both The Bro Code and The Playbook the day I heard they were available. I have quite a few plays that I would like to add. This particular play is inspired by a certain individual who's initials are the same as those of a fast-food burger chain.

The Pre-Planned Coincidental Similarity

Success Rate
soul-maters, girls with daddy issues, KTown girls
A Facebook and/or a wingman with boobs
Prep Time
5-10 days
You’re now a Facebook stalker

1. Either enlist your female wingman to become a personal friend to your target, or become Facebook friends with her.

2. Gather a list of your target's favorites. Create a handy excel sheet to conveniently record said information. Also helps when you come up with puns while you're making your scrap book (heheh).

3. Pick out one of her favorites and become acquainted with it.

4. Generate conversation with your target regarding one of those topics.

Note: Keep in mind the tactic of the backhanded compliment. This will allow you to establish a common interest with your target while also reminding her of her father issues.

5. Establish a recurring series of meetings, conversations and activities based on this topic.

6. Establish a recurring series of "meetings, conversations and activities" based on her topics.


E'rbody watch HIMYM on CBS...New episodes Monday night!

A compliation clip of many of Barney Stinson's plays...

Likewise, check out Barney's blog!

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  1. Holy shit this show is awesome.... I never knew what it was about... Its so fucked up and hilarious hahahha... Loved the last two.... Now i know why you love NPH so much hahaha gonna start watching this show i think