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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"What's that from?"

There are phrases that irritate me to a great extent. One of which would be the classic “What’s that from?”. IT’S FROM MY MIND, YOU #@$%! Has humanity truly been driven to the point where everything that anyone has said, be it comedic or profound, must come from something other than the original specimen that is the individual human mind? For some reason or other, media has consumed the minds of the general populace to the point where it’s nigh inconceivable to think that anyone’s sense of humor is original. It truly irritates me that anything I say that is deemed humorous is, in the audience’s mind, the creation of another individual. It cheapens my creative licensing :( ...

I mean, honestly, whenever I say something that is not original material, I'll preface it with "There was this funny thing from ______" or something of that sort, or, if comedic timing permits, after the phrase is stated. The only instances wherein I don't attribute the source material is when the source material is bloody obvious, like... "The Hangover" quotes or something...

Another annoying phrase is the “Oh yeah, that was from that “Family Guy” episode.” NO IT WASN’T! I understand that it’s probably a funny show. I haven’t seen it myself. Despite this, the number of pop cultural and media references in that show have made it impossible to reference any funny Youtube video or joke without someone uttering that phrase.

“Dude, he just dropped that test tube!”
“Ooh, BOOM goes the dynamite.”
“Hey that was on that “Family Guy” epi-“
“NO IT WASN’T, YOU #@%!”

…indescribably annoying…

I mean, honestly, I tarked rike a Asian before "Famiry Guy" or "South Park" or any of dat shyiii-

There are also many internet practices that I dislike. For example, the “Profile Picture Sympathy” vote. When you post a profile picture to Facebook, you don’t need to bring yourself down by putting phrases like “SO UGLY” or “ugh, I hate this photo” as the description for the photo just to get someone to say otherwise. You’re all beautiful in your own ways…yeah… (>.>)

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