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Monday, December 27, 2010


So, last night I was having a little chit chat with a bro, who directed me to this song, 'Symphony of Sound'. This song, which I affectionately refer to as S.O.S. is simply delightful. It's really sweet. Give a good listen to the lyrics.

Personally, I typically don't dig the sorta indie-acoustic songs we've been hearing on Youtube as of late, but for the particularly talented artists out there, lyrics can make all the difference. Objectively speaking though, the instrumentals in this song are great, serving a bit more as a compliment to the great vocals. That' fine with me, as I think that's how it ought to be. Songs should be carried by the message they convey (the lyrics). How they sound, in terms of mixing, instrumentals, etc. is a whole other story.

In short what I'm saying is that it's a great song. Give it a listen.


On a completely unrelated note:
Just watched 'Inception'. Cool premise. Not mindf-cked at all, though. You guys need to work on your movie-watching skills.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Biebs...

Let it be known that I am not radically against or for Bieber. One of my friends really likes Bieber, so I've gotten most of my knowledge on the guy from her (I've been force fed music videos and mp3s {I think I still have 'Favorite Girl' on my iTunes [No, I'm not getting rid of it (Cuz I'm lazy {Yeah right [You like it (Slut)]})]}). ...

Objectively speaking, his vocal prowess is good, albeit unnaturally high. His range isn't anything spectacular, but I could see (hear?) how he became popular. The songs themselves aren't very good, as they rely on heavily synthesized instrumentals and lousy beats. That's not to say I haven't hummed a song or two...but...moving on.

The true intent of this blog is to discuss a strange recurring thing that happens with Justin Bieber. That boy gets himself into weird sh-t. Over the course of his career, many a video have popped up on the interwebs about the tween sensation that I have found humorous or downright strange.
In his latest... thingy... the Biebs find himself incapable of controlling his laughter after he stops several girls from fighting over a towel [presumably sweaty (ew)] he threw into the audience. This renders him incapable of singing, as he is... laughing. CHEDDE OUT!

According to the video description of the next video, "Justin Bieber gets hit in the head by a fan['s water bottle]! ACTUALLY it was a bag of sour patch kids and a t-shirt wrapped in christmas paper FYI". So, JB's fan thought she'd be contributing to his wellbeing by tossing him Sour Patch Kids whilst he was speaking? Did she (presumably) expect him to start munching down on in whilst singing or what? "Baby, baby *NOM NOMNOmmai* mmmNOOOOOOO! Thessfse Smfaur ffPatfcfh Kfifds arsfmme f-ggin' dfmfelicious...". Yeah, no.. ...

Before I post the actual video, I just wanna talk about the description itself. It disturbs me that some kid at home decided to construct this care package for Biebs. It's like premeditated water-bottle chucking. What deranged fan decides to go to a concert with the intent -- nay -- the mission of feeding JB whilst he is performing. It's so strange. She sacrificed a shirt and Sour Patch Kids to feed a not-starving child. Think of the children in Afri-SHUT UP *gets smacked* !. ...

Anyways, vid:. ...

I love the collected "OH!" of the crowd, followed by an awkwardly long pause, then an equally awkward "ow" from the Biebs. Then he redoes his perfect hair.... ...


Next item.... ...

JUSTIN BEEZBERS DUSN'T KNOW GERMAN LOL! So... JB couldn't understand some interviewer's accent, and misinterpreted the word 'German' for a sport. You'll see what I mean:. ...

So, haters got on his ass about this. I really don't know why. It was very stupid and laughable but obviously the guy knows what a German is. That or dem Canadians ain't gettin' good book learnin'. Nuff said. But still, the accent was pretty understandable... But still.... ...

OK. So, brief intro. HarryPartridge is this flash animator who does amazing work that he posts on Newgrounds. I personally find his work amusingly humorous, and the animation is beautifully fluid. The things themselves are a little strange and adult in humor. Regardless, HP made a flash about JB entitled "The Justin Bieber Show". According to the comments, Justin Bieber has seen the video, loves it, and introduced it to his audience. Strange move, considering that I wouldn't deem it entirely appropriate for his primarily tween audience.. ...

Yeah, fun stuff.. ...

In short, the guy's messed up and needs to get help O.O .. ...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh My Johns Hopkins!

So, maybe a 20 minutes ago, my older brother just found out that he's been accepted into Johns Hopkins University! Colin just screamed, and I turned around and saw the email open. Across the top: 'Congratulations from Johns Hopkins University'. I had no idea I'd have such an emotional response. For 10 minutes I was chuck-huck laughing like a dork, crying and holding Watson saying random weird sh-t. Colin's still calling people. I haven't been this genuinely happy in memorable time...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

teh yaoi!

It burns so happy >.<
Anyways, a close enemy of mine recently posted up a cute ass little video up on her deviantART account. OMG, it was like Toy Story 3 all over again. TEARS.

flötenspielerin -- the little flute player

It was so excellent, and perfectly exemplified the idea that "love knows no creed, color or race". The ending was truly bittersweet.

The art style was also excellently done. While the sketchy feel of it, and the lack of spoken dialog create a truly story book fairy tale feel to it, I'd love to see this completed.

Major creds to animekittynyan.

Regardless, I highly recommend chedde'ing out.



Monday, December 6, 2010


Blunt of me (>.>).

So, I accumulated a bit of icky news recently. On my Twitter feed, I found out that Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe share a rather risquĂ© dream sequence, during which the two make sweet icky love to each other. After doing mah research (heheheh) I found that the director added that scene himself, and that sequence was not present in the book. BAD. 

I read another article on my favorite movie news website that the newest installment of the Twilight series, 'Breaking Dawn', will feature a sex scene between Bella and her vampire buddy, Edward...and it is...feathery? Apparently, the movie will also feature a birth scene, during which Bella has a vampire baby gruesomely crawl out her vagina-hole. WTF.


I must ask why these two movies, targeted to the young and tween, are being sexed up by their directors. Considering the primary demographic of these movies, it's a rather unwise decision to make. JK Rowlings is a children's book writer and, although I already ranted about that, I find it completely inappropriate of the director of the 'Deathly Hallows' movie to disregard their younger audience. Considering that that sequence wasn't even in the book, how could any protective parent know that such a scene exists in the movie. It's a simple case of using SHMECKS to draw in revenue. Textbook case of it. 

And Twilight? Joke enough... Don't add SHMECKS...people will just in Splice...Yeah.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sweet Dreams

I like dreams with happy endings. Those are the best. Last night (the night between 11/30/10 and 12/1/10), I had an...extensive dream. My dreams come in series. They last quite some time. There was a really adorable segment in my bad dream.

I don't have no dream journal or whatever it is that people have. No. I have a blog. Like cool people do. So I'ma share some of my stuff here on the blog.

So the really adorable segment of my dream last night is as follows. I have a dog. His name is Watson, and he's an adorable little 6-months-old cheagle. In my dream, there were, like, dozens of clones of him. This, in hindsight, sounds adorable but it was actually very sad to dream-me, for dream-me had thought that he had lost the original Watson. In despair, dream-me cried out "Watson!". And, to dream-me's surprise, only one dog had answered the call. That dog was the original Watson. It was an adorable dream... D'aww...

Awesome Ways to Kill Time

So, I've officially retired from the competitive "Robot Unicorn Attack" community. I am very content with my current high score, and await someone to surpass it... I challenge YOU to take up my favorite time killer, make it your own, and try to beat me... punks!

Here's the linkeh: Robot Unicorn Attack

There are other fun thangs that I enjoy playing to pass the time. Here are some favs:


World's Hardest Game