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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sweet Dreams

I like dreams with happy endings. Those are the best. Last night (the night between 11/30/10 and 12/1/10), I had an...extensive dream. My dreams come in series. They last quite some time. There was a really adorable segment in my bad dream.

I don't have no dream journal or whatever it is that people have. No. I have a blog. Like cool people do. So I'ma share some of my stuff here on the blog.

So the really adorable segment of my dream last night is as follows. I have a dog. His name is Watson, and he's an adorable little 6-months-old cheagle. In my dream, there were, like, dozens of clones of him. This, in hindsight, sounds adorable but it was actually very sad to dream-me, for dream-me had thought that he had lost the original Watson. In despair, dream-me cried out "Watson!". And, to dream-me's surprise, only one dog had answered the call. That dog was the original Watson. It was an adorable dream... D'aww...

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