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Friday, January 21, 2011

ArtProj HCJ Part 4 Supplemental

Art Project - Hazy Cosmic Jive, Part 4 Supplemental

There are a few things I want to point out about the previous blog post:

You'll notice that I named the collection after ze bloggy, Hazy Cosmic Jive. I provide a pretty good reason for it in my proposal, but the real spark of inspiration was this blog. I suppose you could say that I considered 'Hazy Cosmic Jive' as a name for this blog for the reason I chose it for my collection. Other than the fact it sounds cool, it's kinda like a state of mind, like nirvana. It's like a half dazed, half knowing kinda thing, and don't we all live life kinda half dazed / half knowing? Such things appease me.

Point two, you (probably didn't) notice(d) that the 'Fight Club' inspired piece was changed to one based off of Dr. Horrible. This was done because Neil Patrick Harris is awesome. Yes, even awesomer than Brad Pitt/Ed Norton.

Lastly, I noticed something spooky when I finished the write up.


Anyways, that should be my last ArtProj HCJ post for a while now. I'll post up WIPs (work in progress) of the pieces as I'm doing them, as well as some insight to the process. Should be fun.

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