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Sunday, January 23, 2011


John F. Kennedy? No! Just for kicks, foo! JFK is an acronym that stands for 'just for kicks'. While someone else out there has probably came up with the same acronym, I thought of it independently, and without influence.

Sadly, the acronym, which will one day be synonymous in fame as 'lol', has not yet taken flight. I have been told that it's a little bit racy to compare a highly revered president to an attitude as passive as 'just for kicks'. Yeah, slight allusion to a president is more racy than saying 'for sh-ts and giggles'...Ok...

However, with the assistance of my Johns-Hopkins bound bro, I hope that the acronym will become widely used by 2013. My brother has told me that he's been spreading it around Brentwood school amongst his friends.  Hopefully, they well catch on...

Anyways, spread the word! Even if you're not as emotionally driven as I to spread it, do it jfk...

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