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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Art Proj HCJ Part 1 - Prismacolouuuuurs XD

Art Project - Hazy Cosmic Jive, Part 1

So, mah art teacher, Ms. D., is supah crazy awesome, so we were assigned this epic semester long assignment where we make, essentially, an exhibit. It's awesome. I'm doing nine pieces...super cool. SEE THE PICS!

The end piece won't look precisely like this. It'll be in color, done up in oil paints and some Prismacolors. The style is inspired by Drew Struzan who, as you may know, did the posters for movies like Star Wars.

The canvases can also be arranged horizontally all the way across. The purpose of this collection, featuring characters from popular culture like GIR and Pikachu and Godzilla and Totoro and Captain America and Iron Man and Optimus Prime and the Death Star and Tyler Durden, is to speak about how reality and the imagination are codependent on each other, living symbiotically. That's why, rather than creating new characters, I'm using already created (and relatively well known) characters, as my imagination is based on what I've seen in reality in the media. In this sense my reality governs my imagination, despite the fact that reality is whatever your imagination wants it to be.

CIRCULAR! So, I'm on, like, step four of this project. I've decided what message I wanna convey, I got my artist influence (I'll post that on another post), and I've outlined my drawing. Step four was gathering materials...

SO, I went down to an Aaron's Brothers today which was freaky freaky amazing. Usually when I describe 'my haul', I'm referring to a shopping spree of mah collectible TF stuff, but today it describes a haul of art related things THAT I FREAKING LOVE.

I got a sketchbook, a 24 box of Prismacolors and two sharpie pens for only $40 or so, since the Prismas were 40% off (thank.f--king.God).

With that said, I must say that I freaking. Love. Prismacolors. They are so silkeh smoooooth XD. Ever since making the transition to digital artwork, I haven't touched a colored pencil or crayon in ages, the very staples of my youth! Whilst I boast about my Adobe Photoshop CS5 Pro nowadays, when I was seven years old, I would boast about my 72 pack of Rose Art pencils and 100th Anniversary 100 Crayola Crayon pack (and I was the sh-t). My reintroduction to the world of physical media was blown away with the use of Prismacolors...

The very first page of my sketchbook chronicles this epic return. And I share it here with you...

Random annotation regarding the sketchbook sketch. My digital camera recognized the girl's face as a human face. ARTISTIC PRIDE. ;__;

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