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Monday, January 31, 2011

Sacha Baron Cohen, the Queen

So, being the savvy musical genius that I am (oh lawl), I contributed to a discussion on an upcoming Queen movie, on some music website. As a big fan of Queen, I thought I should share my thoughts here as well.

So, there's a movie that's gonna be about Freddie Mercury. The movie covers the rise of Queen to their legenDARY performance at Live AID. Obviously, this doesn't cover Freddie's controversial death at the hand of AIDS. The role of Freddie Mercury was given to Sacha Baron Cohen. Other things of note is that this project has the full support of the rest of the surviving members of Queen. Anyways, here's a c/p of my post on that (hip) music website:

"While I agree that a biopic about Freddie Mercury ought to include the story about his death, especially considering how eye opening it was to the world, to make the movie about the formation and rise of Queen, and have it culminate in what is undoubtedly Queen’s greatest performance of all time (Live AID) would create a very epic feel to it. Ending the movie with a remake of that performance would simply and perfectly exemplify the rise of Queen. That being said, I could imagine some distortion or exaggeration of history taking place here in this movie to over dramatize it.

The topic of Freddie Mercury’s death, if it is not covered in a sequel, will probably be briefly mentioned at the very end. Text describing how his “controversial death at the hands of AIDS shattered the world, opening its eyes to the etc.” would be accompanied by a freeze frame of the last shot of the movie. Something like that.

As for the casting of Sacha Baron Cohen, I must say that were I directing a movie of this variety, I would never guess to cast him. Sacha Baron Cohen does look rather similar to Freddie Mercury, and also shares his stage…gusto… if you will. His singing in Sweeney Todd reached a very impressive falsetto range. Of course, his singing in that movie was geared towards a more comedic effect, but still it showed that he could hit some notes. I think Sacha would be very capable of expertly singing the songs of Queen, but maybe not as a direct copy of Freddie’s singing. Rather, it would be [sung] as an homage."

After doing a little more research on the topic, I learned a bit about the singing dynamics of Sacha and Freddie. Apparently, Sacha sings as a bass. Meanwhile, Freddie was capable of singing as a bass, falsetto and tenor, a range of four octaves. Hard to top that. I still place my confidence in Sacha Baron Cohen, for some inexplicable reason... Worst case scenario, they'll hire someone else to sing the songs, or simply use existing recordings and have Sacha lipsync it. Only time will tell!

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