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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Art Proj HCJ Part 2 - Outline

Art Project - Hazy Cosmic Jive, Part 2

Part deux of the Sem2Proj [edit: HCJ]! Need to think of a better name (>.>). 

So I wanna outline this piece in its entirety in this post. This following segment is quoted straight from my previous blog post about the Sem2Proj [edit: HCJ]:

"The purpose of this collection, featuring characters from popular culture like GIR and Pikachu and Godzilla and Totoro and Captain America and Iron Man and Optimus Prime and the Death Star and Tyler Durden, is to speak about how reality and the imagination are codependent on each other, living symbiotically. That's why, rather than creating new characters, I'm using already created (and relatively well known) characters, as my imagination is based on what I've seen in reality in the media. In this sense my reality governs my imagination, despite the fact that reality is whatever your imagination wants it to be."

The canvases can be arranged as a block or arranged horizontally across in the following two configurations:

The reason for this is to further emphasize that our perception of the world can be altered by something as simple as placement, composition or perspective. 

The reason I'm doing a piece of this variety is, as you may know, I'm kinda an inside person. Every since I was a kid, I was captivated by videos. I would pop in my VHS copy of Star Wars: A New Hope nearly every day. My love for movies, sci fi and fantasy has never died. It's had a great influence on me as both a person and as an artist. 

GREAT SEGWAY! Next post: Artist Influence

Until then...

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