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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dark and Gritty Trololol

It seems that successful movies as of late, especially adaptations of already established franchises (comic book movies, movies based off of old cartoons) have a very common trait of being "dark and gritty", a trait I find to be lame and overused. Since the release of "The Dark Knight", it seems "dark and gritty" has become practically synonymous with success. Christopher Nolan took great care to create a believable world for Batman to inhabit, ensuring that no fantastical elements could compromise that world. His use, and arguable creation of mainstream D&G (Dolce and Gabbana, of course) was, in that way, well used.

Now it seems like every movie or pro Youtube video is taking this silly ass approach to everything. The first Transformers movie, which came out in the same year as "The Dark Knight" took a turn for the worse in its sequel "Revenge of the Fallen". In addition to having an already flawed script, the enforced D&G of the second TF movie took away from the fantastical vibe of the first Transformers movie. Trust me when I say that no matter what Michael Bay does, 30 foot tall alien robots will not be more believable.

A hallmark of the D&G approach is the use of realistic elements in the movie. The new Spider-Man movie is apparently taking this approach. Several promo shots revealing the Spidey suit seem to compound on this statement, showing that Spidey has acquired webshooters and has yellow eyes, something more akin to a nasty bug than the classic, retro Spider-Man.

Light hearted movie have proven themselves to be phenomenal. D&G is highly overrated, as proved by the critical success that was the 11th Star Trek movie. The extremely Hollywood take on the classic sci-fi franchise enticed an audience made primarily up of not-Trekkies. For a franchise as based in its fans as Star Trek to create a movie that attracts a non-Trekkie audience is extremely impressive. Iron Man was also another highly enjoyable, though somewhat flawed, non D&G movie that was a success.

Anyways, the primary purpose of this post was to show you all three D&G Youtube fan trailers that I really liked. While I contend that D&G is not always the way to go, I enjoyed these videos nonetheless. Hope you do too.

D&G Pokemon!

D&G Mortal Kombat!

D&G Super Mario!

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