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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Toys, Glorious Toys!

Well, I got a rather impressive haul this weekend. Thought I'd share it with you all. I'm experimenting with a method of photography which uses a lightbox. For me and my limited budget, that's two pieces of paper folded up against each other. Considering that I don't use a professional camera or Photoshop, I'm rather pleased with the result.

Without further ado:

The first of the three items I received on Thursday, the ever snobby Turbo Tracks from Hasbro's new Transformers Reveal the Shield line. Just look at how pompous and arrogant he looks. "OOooh, look at moi~. My figure and my handgun have one thing in common. They're both killer~ yes." Gosh. This guy.

Blurr, the second of my Thursday package. This guy's a badass! Look at those guns! He's ready to blast some fools, at the speed of sound, no less. Fun fact (if you care): Forbes magazine named Blurr the fastest fictional car of all time. Take that, Mach 5. 

The last of the Thursday trio. This guy is just too damn hip. Special Ops Jazz has the distinction of being practically the coolest guy of the Autobots. You totally want to hang out with this guy. That said, I wanted to thank the guy I bought these three from, Sideswipe1954, from TFW2005. I mistakenly thought he had Turbo Tracks and Special Ops Jazz for sale (I was looking at an outdated thread), even though he did not. After informing me of this, he offered to go out and buy them for me, and before I even responded, he told me it had been done, and that he had them waiting for me. What a guy. 

On Friday, I got this guy to finish off my Dinobot trio. Him Grimlock! Him king of Dinobots! I've been regretting not getting this guy back in 2008. Luckily, a good ol' Ebay seller had this guy for cheap. 

Bumblebee! I got him tonight at a Target. Who doesn't love this little dude? He's just so kawaii desu-ne (gets strangled and died). 

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