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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wikipedia is AWESOME

One thing that irritates me is when people state that Wikipedia is an unreliable source. According to Wikipedia, Wikipedia is super reliable, and why isn't that enough for you people?

Jokes aside, I am an actual defacer of Wikipedia pages. I've added random stuff with no meaning plenty of times to articles, both obscure and prominent. Literally, within a minute, the Wikipedia programming takes note of these changes, and an automated messenger restores it to its previous settings, then notifies the IP address that changed the page, sending a warning. Within a minute! My efforts have been tarnished!

Wikipedia is a reliable source. They keep themselves tight and clean. Teachers. Chill. Pretentious students. Chill. Wikipedia is awesome, and even if that's not good enough for you, the citations at the bottom of the articles should suffice.

Anyways, cuz you expected something fun:

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  1. I get 1/2 credit

    and this is also my greatest achievement btw