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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Workspace

So, it's Spring break, and I have loads of time to do artwork. I've finished 4 pieces in the past two days. Hoorah!

Anyways, here's the workspace:

1) So that's my sketchbook. That's where the magic happens. I get sketchbooks from school for my art class each semester. Because my sketchbooks are never finished by the end of each semester, I usually have half of it left to use for personal art. The sketchbook on my desk is labeled "02: 2010 9th Grade Semester 2 + 8/4/10, 3/6/11-" if that means anything to you.

2) My primary monitor, the one attached to my laptop, is where I do the work on Flash. My laptop's name is Betty.

3) The secondary monitor I use for pulling up ridiculous amounts of reference. See, when a character isn't featured in the Allspark Almanac, I have to use 9 different images from the comp...

4) Piggy! The first stuffed animal bought for me. As a matter o' fact, he was bought for me before I was born.

5) My MP160. The scanner/photocopier/printer extraordinare. I usually use it as a scanner, cuz she's not a laser printer. I still love her though.

6) Those are my Prismacolours/color pencils/crayon pencils. They don't get used as often as they should.

7) That's my broken secondary laptop. The monitor doesn't work, so I have to hook it up to my other monitor. I don't use it for much/anything, except when internet/tech problems require me to.

8) The Allspark Almanac books. If I didn't have them, my DA would be a pile of cartoon inaccurate, assumption-based drawings.

9) A little sketch from the good ol' sketchbook. It's Warpath! The final product looks dramatically different from the sketch. As you can see, there are some arrows and words around the drawing. These are notes I use for when I put it up on flash.

Anyways, yeah. The desk...

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