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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Close Encounters of the Love Kind

So, it's been a while. Dropping Tri-Daily Tru Dat Todays.

Anyways...tonight, I felt artistically inspired. It's currently Tuesday night (6/21/11) in Korea, where I'm vacationing, and I had a stroke of something. Maybe it was the Koreaness of Korean beverages.

So, I've been working (thinking about) doing some sort of drama-ish thing. Maybe a comic or a flash animation. The initial thing was about a kid about to commit suicide. I didn't plan out why he was gonna kill himself. It was some cynical, stupid reason. It was gonna be a first person narrative where as he'd record his suicide tapes, he'd revisit changing moments of his life. Before all that, he was a hopeless romantic. Something made him the cynical way he is. Thus, he becomes weirdly suicidal. The character was a cynical mess. Though his character development would have been presented through an interesting narrative format, I didn't like what the character would become. I pretty much dropped that project.

Tonight, I sort of revisited it. Planning on focusing on the hopeless-romantic aspect of the character I originally envisioned. That was the part of him I liked much more. It's not meant to be a prequel or anything to that crapfest I mentioned previously.

Yeah, I'm thinking of calling it "Close Encounters of der Love Kind". Working title. Maybe it's a romantic comedy, but I'd rather call it a romantic adventure. It'll mainly be about a kid named Kevin Ahn (Korean boiiiii) and his attempts to make friendly with a lady (make friendly does not mean the sex). He legitimately likes her. He's not looking for freaky times or anything. Each episode (Encounter) will detail each meeting he's had with her, up until what he believes to be their first date (foreshadowing). Ends after five Encounters.

I want it to have a similar thing as "Say Anything". For those of you who don't know this, "Say Anything" is a romantic movie from...the 80s I believe. There's an over-arching metaphor in the movie that compares the relationship between the two main characters (who are lovers), and the personal development of the girl. SPOILERS - They both just got out of high school, and the girl got admitted into a prestigious school overseas. She's never been on a plane before and is scared. Over the summer, she meets a boy. They have a rough relationship, but by the end, they're all good. He accompanies her on the plane ride to Europe or wherever. She's worried as hell cause the plane's shaking. He consoles her by saying something along the lines of "don't worry, the first few minutes are rough. Once the dinger goes off, everything's going to be all right." The movie ends with the ding. First five minutes are rough but once dinger goes off everything will be alright is a metaphor for their relationship, which had a rought beginning, but is implied will be alright.


So yeah, want some sort of overarching metaphor like that for my thingeh.

It'll be sort of autobiographic. I hesitate to use that term because A) my life does not merit biographies of any sort (yet) and B) if any of my personal friends saw this they'd be like "SO HOO DOEZ U HAVE LIKEZ 4?" which would make me sadface.

Anyways, yeah. May put up some artwork for it. Or something. I dunno.